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You should send us up to 10 pages in English and 1 page report abstract in Russian befor 30th June 2017 on The program committee will select conference reports before 01th July 2017. The invitations for reports performances will be sent before 10th July 2017.

In the conference program besides the plenary and sectional sessions will be covered poster sessions. Poster presentations made by students and graduate students will be recommended for publication in Proceedings SPIE after the conference.

The conference program includes poster presentations will be covered in addition to the plenary and breakout sessions. Obtaining the status of the poster will be provided upon payment of the authors of the respective registration fee and provide guarantees participation in the conference.

According to the rules of the program committee in the conference proceedings will be published only those reports which will be read or presented at a conference. Sent authors abstracts of plenary and breakout sessions, posters and poster presentations, but not read or not presented at the conference in the proceedings will not be published.

The conference program will be public on site and sent to the participants before 10th July 2017.