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Organizing Committee

The organizing committee

Chairman of the Organizing Committee - Odinokov Sergey Borisovich, Doctor of Technical Science, Professor, Head of the Laboratory "Optical-holographic systems", Deputy Director of SRI of Radio Electronics and Laser Technology, Bauman Moscow State Technical University named after N.E. Bauman, Moscow, Russia

Members of the organizing committee:

1. Baloev Vilen Arnoldovich, PhD, Deputy Director General - Deputy for Science "Scientific-Production Association" State Institute of Applied Optics ", Kazan, Russia

2.Bogachevskaya Elena Nikolaevna - General Director of "HoloGrate", St. Petersburg, Russia

3.Boboreko Alexander Georgievich - Director of JSC "Holography Industry", Minsk, Belarus

4.Kovalev Mikhail Sergeevich - Director General of "Micro- and nanoholographic systems", Moscow, Russia

5.Makhrov Alexander Nikolaevich - Director FSUE "STC" Atlas ", Moscow, Russia

6. Chepurnoy Alexander Ivanovich - General Director of JSC "NPO" Krypten ", Dubna, Russia

7. Smyk Alexander Fedorovich - Director of "Nanotochnost", Moscow, Russia

8. Shevtsov Michael Konstantinovich - FSUE "RPC" Vavilov State Optical Institute. SI Vavilov ", St. Petersburg, Russia

9. Shumsky Ivan Petrovich - General Director of "Regulus", Minsk, Republic of Belarus

10. Sidorov Mikael - representative of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association, London, UK

11. Thomas Rajan - company "Ignetta Ernakulam", Kerala, India